New Help Center and Chat Feature

We recently launched a new CSDatum Help Center that provides us with two main features: A library of help articles and a centralized communication tool. Both features can be accessed from

When you land on the help page, the first thing that you notice is the library of help articles. There are two sections: One for CSDatum Maps and one for Permit Manager. Currently, there are a few articles in each section, and we will continue to create and post approximately two new help articles a week. Each article is relatively short, and it has lots of screenshots do demonstrate how to perform each action.

Down in the lower right hand corner of the help page is a smiley chat box icon. Click the icon and a chat window opens up. You can type any question or comment in there, just as if you were emailing us. The cool thing that this system does is that it consolidates your communications with us into one central location where all five members of the CSDatum Team can see the messages and respond to them, as appropriate. So, no matter if you chat us or send an email, we will get it, and we'll make sure that the right person to address your issue responds.

We hope you'll visit the help page to check it out, and, while you're there, send us a chat and let us know what you think!