MS4 Report and an addition to our team!

One click = MS4 Annual report PDF

We've had the capability to upload bits and pieces of your annual report for a few months - but the best part has now been added. Simply click ONE button and CSDatum will promptly generate your annual report.

The program creates a cover page, indexes and more. This 356 page report was created in a few seconds!

Keep in mind, it's only as good as the information you've added - but it will faithfully collect your action items, PDF attachments and Illicit Discharge Inspection Reports and organize them into one concise document. If you upload something other than a PDF, you'll see a warning like this:

The order you've uploaded attachments (say, a Fall and Spring newsetter in BMP #1.3) is how it will be ordered in the PDF. If you'd like to change that order, simply click on the arrow icon shown below - and drag/drop the attachments as needed.

We're committed to making tools like this to save your precious time - and free up our own engineering staff from the mountain of paperwork. Have another idea or suggestion to help save time? We'd love to hear about it.

Our team has grown!

In other news - we're happy to announce the addition of our newest team member, Mike Marsh. Mike worked with us over the summer when he was still a York College student in their Computer Science program. We're ecstatic that he accepted our full-time offer after graduation - and he's already working on a major improvement to our menu and navigation system. Mike has successfully built a stable Android app and we hope to utilize his experience in that arena shortly. If you've used the roadway management features, you've seen what Mike is capable of - and his fingerprints are all over the new MS4 report compiler. If you see him at one of our upcoming events, please introduce yourself!