Two small but mighty upgrades

Driving directions

Tired of hopping over to your GPS device to find your way to that stormwater BMP? We recently met with our friends in the York County Parks and Rec. Department and they asked if they could get driving directions from one bridge to another. Before our meeting was over, Mike had half of the code written! When you open any asset (bridge, sign, inlet, etc) - look for the 'car' icon in the menu.

Simply click...and depending on what device you're using, your favorite navigation app or website should open - with directions from your current location to the selected asset.

That's it! Great suggestion and great work Mike!

Stormwater BMP inspection forms

We've long had the functionality to INSPECT your BMPs - but we always lacked the ability to print them out in PDF. So John sat down and spun his magic - and in one day, created the inspection form PDF AND wove those reports into the MS4 Annual Report compiler. Any BMP that you inspect throughout the year will be automatically populated in your report, perfectly formatted with photos and everything. Simply click on the inspection panel for any BMP and start a new inspection.

Fill out the form - hit save....and then you'll see a time stamped entry in this table with a PDF icon.

Click on that icon to display the finished PDF and sit back and marvel at your hard work.

Notice the logo? If you'd like yours to appear on this report (and others) - simply email the image file and we'll include it.

That's it for now - but hopefully our small investment of time on these features will save you several hours of your own. Have another idea that might be quickly implemented? Let's hear it!.