CSO's, Facilities and More

Combined Sewer

If you've had any trouble finding the branches of your sewer system that are part of a combined sewer, you'll enjoy this new addition. We've included a CSO layer that can be used to quickly view the sections of sewer you can separate on your nearby project.


The requests to track more of the utilities maintained by our clients have been heard. Electric, gas, and steam systems can now be mapped including:



  • Overhead Electric
  • Buried Electric
  • Meters
  • Utility Poles
  • Vaults
  • Light Standards


  • High Pressure Lines
  • Low Pressure Lines
  • Valves
  • Meters


  • Steam Lines
  • Valves


In addition, we've added parking lots to the transportation layer and expanded the building layer to include six categories with distinct icons.

And More

We are constantly trying to improve the user experience. By changing the styling of highlighted features, users can now differentiate between highlighted overhead electric and highlighted roadways...

Previous Styling
Improved Styling

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