Style your own map + MS4 observation points

Make Picasso Proud

Many of you have requested the ability to change, say - the stormwater layer from that weird green color to a nice blue color.  Or switch out the diamond shape for a tidy square.  Well now you can - and here's how!

Click on ANY asset and look for the gear icon in the lower right corner.

This will open a dialog box that allows for customization from our 'Default' settings.


This also means you can revert back at any time (as you might have heard me say, we've tried to mimic the PA ONE CALL coloring for obvious reasons).

For example - I can easily change the Storm Pipe from a solid green line to a dashed blue line.

A few items worth noting:

  • These changes are made client-wide.  Meaning, if you change the storm pipe to blue - it's now blue for everybody on your account.
  • This changes the styling for an ASSET - not the entire Layer, although you can certainly change every Asset in a Layer.
  • Only users with 'Editor' or 'Admin'  privileges can make these changes.
  • Customization is great but you now run the risk of mixing up colors/symbols and confusing yourself.  When in doubt, revert to Default!

Have fun and let us know how it works!

Observation Points

If you're an MS4 permit holder, you're probably familiar with DEP's new Observation Point concept.  You can now add these points directly in CSDatum and track/inspect them with the same functionality that you have for any Outfall point.

If you're not seeing it in your Stormwater Layer - click on the black 'Add Asset ' plus sign.


Browse to your location and add your point...and then enter as much information as you'd like.  The popup screen will be very similar to the Outfall asset but with a few key distinctions shown below:


Namely - you should take the time to 'Link' this observation point to the REAL Outfall that it's standing in place of.  You can pick from a list or pick it from the map.  Similarly, if you 'Link' the observation point to a swale or pipe - the DEP inspection form will be pre-populated with the attribute data (size, shape, etc).  That's about it!


If you have any questions about observation points (whether how to use in CSDatum or in general) - please let us know!