MS4 reports and PennDOT Scour Critical Bridges

Familiar with either of those terms (MS4 and Scour Critical)? If you are, you'll understand why we spent the last 2 weeks working on these features.

John (Petro) just hammered out a perfect reproduction of DEP's Illicit Discharge Inspection Form. Now, after you've inspected your stormwater outfall in CSDatum, you can quickly PDF your data & photos into the format that DEP is expecting in your Annual Report.

In a similar fashion, any owner of a scour critical bridge can use CSDatum for the flood monitoring log. Depending on the category, you might be required to visit the bridge every 4 hours during a flood event. It's easy to get lost in paperwork and re-inspect a bridge that another crew might have already visited - but not any more!

As always, thanks for your support and let us know what you think!