Small Updates to CSDatum & Hiring News

Transportation Layer - Sign Asset

Have you ever encountered a traffic violation in your municipality - only to find out the nearby roadway sign isn't enforceable?  Well, if you can track down the backstory (traffic studies, road adoptions, ordinance numbers, etc) - you can now enter the information directly into CSDatum.

This is a small but mighty field - and a great project for an upcoming summer intern or staff laid up due to bad weather.  As with all fields in CSDatum, it will appear as a searchable, sortable column in the corresponding Table View.  Many thanks to the various municipalities that requested it!


Map Rotation

Another small update to the program - you can now easily rotate your map screen. 

Why would you want to do this?  Perhaps you're out in the field, standing before a complicated series of water valves - you can now make your screen match your physical orientation.  It's also a simple way to fit more of your 'map' on your display screen - which is particularly helpful when taking screenshots or making PDFs from the Map Legend.

To rotate the map on a desktop computer, hold ALT + SHIFT keys and click and drag.  On a touch screen, simply use two fingers and rotate.


Typical Sanitary Sewer map in CSDatum, oriented true North by default.

CSDatum map rotated; Sanitary Sewer line (214-A to 217) to horizontal. Note the compass orientation in lower-left corner.


PEMA Imagery

You might have noticed this one already - but we've changed our method for delivering the high-quality PEMA imagery that is available on PASDA. Instead of turning on the entire State of Pennsylvania, it's now clipped to the County that your account primarily resides in.  This will load MUCH faster than before.

See for yourself under the Overlay icon - and scroll down to the PEMA section.

We aren't responsible for the content or frequency of the aerial imagery (it's flown, not satellite), but whenever it's available, we make it available to you!


Hiring News

Many of you are aware of this, but we are well underway with the re-launch of Cork Shunk's venerable "Permit Manager" program. Using the same login/interface as CSDatum, municipalities can easily create & track permits, rental registrations, on-lot septic pumping records, violations, documents and more.  

Not including myself, we have three full-time programmers working on Permit Manager AND CSDatum. Cork continues to work alongside us and provides exceptional service and support to our Permit Manager clients.

Why am I saying all this?  Because we're looking to expand our small team - and the following positions are now advertised:

We have so much more to do, but we're also not chasing mindless growth!  We have a long list of great new features & improvements that we'd like to tackle - and we're committed to providing helpful & responsive service to you, our valued subscriber.  

We work very hard to give our people the tools, trust, freedom, and support they need to build great stuff.  So if you have any family members or friends that might be interested in this, please send them our way!