Digital Signatures & Account Settings

Need to change your password?

Good news - you can now freely edit your account, phone, password - and create/save a digital signature.  Just navigate to your Settings page and update with reckless abandon.


Digital Signatures - MS4 Outfalls

As you might have noticed, DEP now requires every Outfall inspection form to be signed.  You can now quickly 'sign' these reports from within CSDatum.  As shown above - you can save your signature in your settings page for easy use (and reuse and reuse and reuse and reuse).

If you haven't saved your signature yet and stumble onto the inspection - the form will kindly direct you to the right place.

As the warning indicates, signing the form will 'lock' the record from further editing.  If you chose to 'unlock' the form, the signature on record will be removed and you'll need to sign it again.


Simply click on the 'Sign this Inspection' button to see these options:

Chose between your signature....or allow a one-time signature by another user. 


Here I chose to sign my own name - and good luck using the mouse or touchpad in a way that doesn't make your name look creepy.



Hit save and then check it out, you've now got a signed report! 


At this time, this feature is ONLY on available on the DEP form but we plan to introduce the signature block on every inspection record within CSDatum.  As always, thanks for the feedback and support!