Finally, search by address!

Search the basemap

We're really happy to announce this small but mighty feature - as we've heard this request many times (again - we love the feedback). You can now search/navigate the map in common fashion. Know a portion of the street address? Just type it in - click on a result and go. You'll notice a small map marker at your desired location.
Similarly - when you click the 'Location' button in our menu, you'll notice a blue map marker at your location. The diameter of the circle indicates how precise the location is. Your device is telling you that you could be located anywhere within that circle. Also - this marker will move as you move - much like your GPS device would.

QR Codes

We've been using these for a long time now - but we've finally opened up the code to allow YOU to enter QR Codes (3D barcodes).
These are great when creating an inventory of roadway signs - but can be used for almost any asset that a aluminium foil sticker can be affixed to. Any smartphone with a free barcode scanning app can scan the tag - and bring up the relevant information in CSDatum; no clicking involved. This only works for CSDatum subscribers - if anybody else tries it, they're directed to our homepage.

If you're interested in these tags - send us an email and we'll give you more information. It does require using tags that only we've printed, you can't enter your own numbers in that field.