RoadBotics Integration & Traffic Signal Mapping

RoadBotics Integration

If you haven't met our friends at RoadBotics yet - allow us to make an introduction!

Spun out of Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute and based in Pittsburgh, the firm offers an objective, automated and affordable solution for assessing your roadway network.  Using only smartphones, their drivers will 'scan' your municipality and then their artificial intelligence will analyze the collected images to generate a condition rating (at 10-foot intervals).  All of the results are displayed in a clean, easy-to-understand web map.

A few months ago, Annie Tamburro (Director of Business Development) and Ben Schmidt (Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder) came to York County and gave us a short presentation over breakfast. Several local municipalities signed up for the service and are currently underway.  Since that time, we've chosen to update CSDatum to seamlessly 'receive' the RoadBotics data.

This means all of their condition ratings and photos can be viewed directly within CSDatum and your existing roadway layer. 


The RoadBotics inspection records can also co-exist with your own inspection reports.

And ultimately, you can use all of this information to build your long-range roadway management plan in CSDatum.

We love what RoadBotics is doing to revolutionize roadway management and are pleased to work alongside them.  Even though our services are completely independent - we think the two make an effective combination!  If you are interested in hearing more about RoadBotics or how to generate a roadway plan in CSDatum, please let us know.

(A quick aside - our compliments to David Salley and Dennis Nissley at Mount Joy Borough in Lancaster County for generating their own impressive Roadway Management Plan.  Well done!)

Traffic Signals

This one has been requested many, many times - so here you go, start mapping all those traffic signals in your municipality! 

Look for it under the Transportation Layer:

Just like every asset in CSDatum, you can store your validated information and add scans/photos/inspection records.


That's all for now - and we're back to the intensive rebuild of Permit Manager and the soon-to-be-released DIY Layer, which will allow you to build & customize your own assets!